SB Family School's


Family Game & Puzzle Workshops

in observance of

National Game & Puzzle Week

National Game & Puzzle Week is an annual American event, celebrated Sunday through Saturday of Thanksgiving Week. In 2016, it's November 20-26.

The purposes of this event are to increase appreciation of board games and puzzles, and to revive the tradition of playing games together at home. As an added benefit, puzzles are good for your brain. So have fun getting smarter while digesting this year!

In preparation for, and during, National Game & Puzzle Week, SB Family School is hosting several special events.

  • Workshops I & II

    There will be a two-part game-creating and game-playing workshop the Saturday before Thanksgiving, November 19. You can come for all three hours, or for just the first hour, or for just the last two hours. Both parts are family activities; children must be accompanied by parents (or other responsible parties, maybe even older siblings). During the first hour, students will be guided through the creation of their own Product Game game board.
    The prerequisite for this activity is being familiar with the concept of multiplication. Depending on the child, of course, the suggested age range is 6-11. (Note that this game creation activity is not for students currently enrolled in a Math Group at SB Family School.) The cost for this activity is $20 per child and $7 per adult, which includes instruction, materials (including colored playing pieces) and lamination. Each child will take home the game [s]he created, so you can play them at home during and after National Game & Puzzle Week. (Note that we used to sell just the game for $10 fifteen years ago.)

    The next two hours will be free-format game playing following an introduction to the pedagogical value of games.
    There will be many different mathematical games and puzzles available, and information about what they teach,
    as well as how to play them. The cost for this segment is $7/person and includes refreshments.

  • Workshop III

    On the third day of National Game & Puzzle Week, Tuesday evening, November 22, we are offering a special workshop for kids and/or adults on the game of SET®. Younger kids will be introduced to set theory concepts and older kids will be challenged with related combinatorics puzzles. This workshop will be structured similar to a regular SB Family School Math Camp or Math Circle meeting.

Space is limited so reservations are required. To make a reservation, email or call Skona at 680-9950. All workshops are held at SB Family School in Goleta (near Fairview & Cathedral Oaks).

Workshops at-a-glance chart

Workshop I

Saturday Nov. 19
Make Your Own Product Game
$20/child; $7/adult
Create your own laminated version of our favorite way to learn the multiplication table and practice factoring - the fun, educational Product Game. Also learn tips for playing it, from both pedagogical and strategic viewpoints.
Workshop II
Saturday Nov. 19
Family Math Games

Abalone, ConcenFraction, Continuo, Go, Logicon, Mastermind, Othello, Prime Climb, PriMemory, Qubic, Qwirkle, Rubik's Race, SET, 'SMath, Traverse, True Math, wff, ...

Workshop III
Tuesday Nov. 22
SET® Game & Puzzles
Behind this very fun game can be found both elementary and advanced mathematics, involving set theory, combinatorics and probability, geometry, and more.