Math Teams for Schools or Kids in School

Math teams have been increasing in popularity lately, and by now, fortunately, most of the local schools provide the opportunity for their students to participate on a math team. This is great because it allows kids to advance mathematically and also promotes doing mathematics as a team experience, which has many of the advantages of team sports.

However, if your school doesn't, there are two options available from SB Family School:

  • The school can hire us to coach a math team at the school, even for just one year to get the team started.
  • A group of parents can hire us to coach a math team composed of their kids, at SB Family School, provided that the principal gives permission for it.

In either case, the students compete under their own school's name, not our name.

After consecutive years of separate parent-organized groups from GVJH and La Colina, we started offering mixed-school junior high group practices in 2016. This has the advantge of kids getting to meet their peers at other schools.

We also offer private or semi-private coaching for individuals who attend schools with teams and would like extra preparation for the competition. Confidentiality is assured.

For elementary schools, there is a fun, local competition, the Math SuperBowl, for 4th-6th graders.
We also offer national contests at SB Family School, such as the Math Olympiad and Pi Math Contest, for all grades.

For middle schoolers, the premier competition is a nationwide competition, MATHCOUNTS, for 6th-8th graders. We also highly recommend the AMC 8, and offer the opportunity to do it at SB Family School in January 2023.

For high schoolers, there are several competitions, local and national. One that is not school-based is ARML, which we offer via the Santa Barbara Math Ellipse. And we very highly recommend the AMC 10 and AMC12, which are offered at SB Family School every year for students whose school doesn't provide it as well as for students who want a second chance at it.

For 6th Graders at Elementary Schools: Due to the discrepancy between middle schools and junior high schools, we offer MATHCOUNTS teams specifically for 6th graders who attend elementary schools. In addition to the above-mentioned venues, this option is available through on-site After School Enrichment Programs.  And it is also open to individuals who donot have teammates at their schools.

To learn about the other math competitions that we participate in, see the contest chart.