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Math Camps

“for kids who like to play with numbers”

 NOTE:  In Summer 2022, most sessions will be in person, held inside and outside, and some will be virtual. Vaccinations may be required for some sessions. Masks are not allowed (unless absolutely necessary) but face shields are. This situation may change as the summer progresses and the pandemic progresses or regresses.

Summer 2022 Schedule

June 6-10 Session 1-A (a.m.) 

Cryptography (especially for older kids)

  Session 1-B (p.m.) MatheMagics
June 13-17 Session 2-A (a.m.) Money Matter$
  Session 2-B (p.m.) ST✡R of D✡VID M✡THEM✡TICS
June 20-24 Session 3-A (a.m.)

The Art of Math & the Math of Art

  Session 3-B (p.m.) MatheMagics
Jun.27-Jul.1 Session 4-A (a.m.) Prime Time (especially for younger kids)
  Session 4-B (p.m.)

Cryptography (especially for older kids)

July 5-8 Session 5 Game Design
July 11-15 Session 6-A (a.m.) MatheMagics
  Session 6-B (p.m.) Infinity & Beyond (especially for older kids)
July 18-22 Session 7-A (a.m.) MatheMagics
  Session 7-B (p.m.) Advanced MatheMagics (esp. for older kids)
July 25-29 Session 8-A (a.m.) Prime Time (especially for younger kids)
  Session 8-B (p.m.) The Math f Sprts & the Sprt f Math
Aug. 15-18 Session 9 Game Design

General Info

  • Who: Most of these camps are recommended for students who are entering Grade 4 through Grade 9.
  • Where: In-person sessions are held at a home in Goleta, in a large room dedicated to Math Education.
  • When: The a.m. sessions are 8:30-11:30; the p.m. sessions are 2-5. Full-day sessions are 9-3.
  • How: The instructor:student ratio is typically 1:5. The cost is $330 for ½-day sessions, $528 for full-day.  

    Early Bird Registration Discount: $50 discount on registrations received by March 31;
    Early Bird Registration Discount: $30 discount on registrations received by April 30;
    Early Bird Registration Discount: $10 discount on registrations received by May 31.

Exploring Escher-like Tessellations

Creating a 3-D Sierpinski Fractal

Trying to Disprove the 4-Color Conjecture

Some Fine Print:
Note that the schedule is subject to change prior to registration.
If there is insufficient enrollment in any session, that session will be cancelled by SBFS and your entire payment will be returned.
This will be done at least ten days in advance to allow you to make other childcare arrangements if necessary.
A deposit of $150 is required to reserve a place.
In the event that you need to cancel after registering your child, if it's more than two weeks in advance, you will receive your deposit back minus a $50 processing fee.
If it's less than two weeks in advance, the deposit is not refundable.
However, at the discretion of the camp director, all but $50 of it may be able to be applied to a deposit on another session.



Faster than a Supercomputer

Only her Topologist Knows for Sure.

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