Comments from Campers'
Parents from the 2009
SB Family School
Math Camps

The Summer of 2009 was our first season of offering math camps (after years of requests for them). There were three sessions − one of TheiArtiofiMathi&itheiMathiofiArt and two of MatheMagics. Next year we plan to offer more sessions, including a variety of new topics as well as advanced versions of the old topics

At the end of each session, we solicited comments, including suggestions for improvement. All of the feedback we received is printed below:

"[My son] says it was great, awesome, and he loved it.
No suggestions for improvement."

Mom of a 5th-grade boy

"Just do what you do. The kids loved suggestions to be made."
Mom of a 7th-grade boy & a 7th-grade girl

"He seems to have really enjoyed it.
His words about Wednesday were 'it was awsome'. I think he liked building [Sierpinski] pyramids a lot.
If you do something like this again, please let us know."

Mom of a 5th-grade boy

"I can't begin to say enough complimentary things about the camp.
[My son and his friend] learned so much and were so
enthusiastic about coming each day to see what you had planned.
They commented on how it was a different learning style
they had been exposed to and how it was practical."

Mom of a 5th-grade boy

"[My daughter] enjoyed the math camp a lot.
If she could, she would really like to go to the [next] one."

Mom of a 5th-grade girl

"Thank you for a wonderful camp!"
Mom of a 6th-grade boy

"I think that [my son] truly enjoyed the activities and also learned new things.
Some of the activities were really fun to me too.
[He] was so excited about the magic show that we asked him to give us the full show Friday evening.
[We all] had a delightful time seeing his tricks specially the one about the story of the king and his sons.
Thank you very much.
I think you did a great job motivating the kids.
[My son] was very excited every morning about going to the math camp."

Mathematician Mom of a 7th-grade boy

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