SB Family School's
Math Games
Workshops for Homeschoolers

Starting in the Fall of 2016

Many kids think they don't like math, but what they really don't like are the dull drills of "school math"
and the too-prevalent idea that there's only one right answer or, worse, only one right method.
Real mathematics involves creative exploration and experimentation (i.e. play).

Research in the field of education has shown that people learn best when they are relaxed and having fun, and that games are a great way to absorb concepts.

Some of the games we play will not seem to be about math but are subtly teaching logic, geometry and/or probability. Other games will be obviously about specific curricular areas: memorizing the multiplication table; practicing arithmetic and estimating; understanding fractions; converting between fractions, decimals, and percents; geometric figures; and, most importantly, factoring numbers into their prime decompositions. The elements of strategy, chance and competition combine to make it a pleasurable experience to learn and practice these concepts. (And, when appropriate, we will digress into mini math lessons.)

The format of the workshops is 1.5-hour sessions, held in a home near Fairview & Cathedral Oaks, in a large room dedicated to Math Education. In the Fall, they were offered twice a month, but this has been changed to weekly sessions in the Winter term, due to popular demand.
They are designed for students in 4th-8th grade.

The introductory rate was ~30% less expensive than SBFS teams, circles and camps: $15/session ($10/hour); the Winter term rate is still more than 20% cheaper than those other activities: $50/month ($11.11/hour).

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